Ryan Quick: Standing up for Local Services

New Government statistics show that Smithills is getting a poor deal from the Tories

The most up to date Government figures show that the North West region has been on the receiving end of the biggest cuts to Government spending.

This is not just in cuts to the local Council but in all areas of Government spending from the police to our schools. We are already campaigning to cancel further planned cuts to our local schools but the problem goes further than that.

Smithills Labour Candidate Ryan Quick said: “It is clear from these statistics that the Tory Government does not care about us in the North. To make matters worse, in Bolton West we seem to have a Tory MP who shares that attitude”

“I have written to Bolton West’s Tory MP Chris Green to ask him to break his silence and for him to answer why his Government feels the people of Smithills are worth less than the people of the South of England.”

You can see the full details here.

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Where’s the ‘Local Voice’ now?

Concerned residents of Smithills are today faced with the prospect of having no representative on Bolton Council.

After the party suspension of Smithills Councillor Carole Swarbrick earlier this year, following her interventions in what would appear to be collusion between the Lib Dems and Ukip, Cllr Andrew Martin has decided to resign from the role of Smithills Councillor to pursue his own interests, above those of his party and of the community he deems to represent (see attached BN article).

Local resident and Labour candidate for Smithills, Ryan Quick says:

“As it stands, Smithills has no effective representation on Bolton Council, leaving the residents of Smithills voiceless.

Over the coming months there are going to be some extremely significant decisions made that effect us all as citizens of Bolton.
A new Chief Executive and a change in the leadership of the council are momentous occasions that will ultimately pave a new direction for our town and the people that live and work in it. I dont want to see Smithills residents voiceless at this time, yet unfortunately once again we have seen the interests of those individuals in the Liberal Democrat party come above the interests of the people that voted them into their privileged positions.

Lets have someone on that council who can make a refreshing difference from the politics of old, someone who has the tenacity, integrity and commitment to get the job done.”

We at Smithills Labour party have placed our faith in Ryan to offer the residents of Smithills something that goes beyond the political game playing that we have witnessed over the past year. We need someone who offers an alternative vision that will inspire the people of Smithills to share their views on how this town should be administrated.

Lets get behind Ryan and share in his energy and enthusiasm in making Smithills a place we all are proud to live. Lets make it


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Protect Our Schools

Smithills Labour Party leads the local campaign to stop damaging cuts to our local school budgets.

Smithills Labour Candidate Ryan Quick says:

“As a parent I am shocked and saddened to see how drastic the cuts are to our local schools. Education is an important part of our children’s development and I fear for the opportunities that our children will not have, if these cuts are not reversed.”

“Over half a million pounds cut from OUR schools by this disgraceful government. Only LABOUR will fund our schools properly.”

You can join Ryan’s campaign to protect our school budgets by signing our petition:

Protect our schools


Dear Secretary of State for Education,

Schools across the country are facing devastating cuts as a result of Government changes to the school funding formula.

Unless the Government allocates additional money, schools and academies will continue to lose huge amounts in real terms cuts – schools have already been cut by £2.8bn since 2015. Head teachers are speaking of the impossible job they have to balance the books and offer the best education for all children. Yet there is worse to come.

Collectively the six schools that serve Smithills Ward, in Bolton West, will face further real term cuts of almost £600,000 between now and 2020.

These cuts will hurt us all. They will result, amongst many other things, in:

- increased class sizes,
- loss of school staff, and
- cuts to extra-curricular activities and resources.

We are demanding our Government gives our schools the funding it promised – and recognises that investment in education is an investment both in the future of our children and of our country.

[your signature]

12 signatures

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Smithills Labour choose Ryan Quick as Local Election Candidate 2018

Ryan is a 27 year old retail worker. He is an USDAW Shop Steward and former Branch Secretary of Smithills Ward Labour Party.

As a single parent on low income, Ryan says “I am all too aware of the challenges Smithills residents face. Both young and old in our area face the brunt of the cuts under this atrocious Conservative government. I am honoured to represent the proud residents of Smithills and I am looking forward to listening to as many of you as possible in the coming months, as to how I can make sure the concerns we have are resolved.”

Ryan encourages you to get in contact with him should you wish to do so and will be happy to hear your views on what matters to you.

To contact Ryan and your Labour Team:

W: www.smithills.org

E: secretary@smithills.org

F: Smithills Matters

T: @SmithillsLabour



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