fracking1Labour Against Fracking

Local residents have expressed their concerns that the Conservative government is issuing licenses to energy companies who want to start industrial drilling under large areas of the town, including Smithills. The Smithills Labour Party is 100% opposed to fracking and wholeheartedly supports the anti-fracking campaign.

John Gillatt says “In Smithills we are really fortunate to have areas of natural beauty right on our doorstep. We need to protect our local moors and woodland for future generations. I am committed to fighting to stop fracking under our countryside and under our homes. I firmly believe that together we can make the government think again!”

What is Fracking?Is Fracking Safe?
Fracking or ‘horizontal hydraulic fracturing’ to give it its full description, is a way of extracting oil or gas from under the ground. Water, sand and chemicals are injected at high pressure into underground rocks to shatter them. This releases the oil or gas which can then be collected.Research in the US has shown that fracking can be extremely hazardous. Fracking can pollute water supplies, cause earthquakes and damage communities. Fracking is already banned in various countries around the world and several areas of the US on environmental and safety grounds.

The Lib-Dems Can’t be Trusted on Fracking

Lib-Dem BirdSince 2010 Lib-Dems have:

  • Voted against a target to decarbonise electricity by 2030 in the 2013 Energy Act
  • Supported fracking in the Infrastructure Bill
  • Opposed new binding European targets for renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Broken their promise not to subsidise nuclear power
  • Supported the weakening of the planning system to make it more developer friendly
  • Been the driving force behind the Lobbying Act, curtailing charities’ ability to campaign on things like fracking and the environment


Bolton Council Against Fracking

Bolton Council is one of many around the country where Labour Councillors and others have voted to oppose fracking.

Council Leader Cliff Morris has vowed to oppose any attempts to carry out fracking in the borough.