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Action for Rail

Smithills Labour Party Chair, Ian Coulthard

Smithills Labour Party Chair, Ian Coulthard

Smithills Labour Party made the Bolton News recently after local members were out campaigning against the January rail fare increases.

Since the Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition in 2010 rail fares have gone up by a staggering 27% – way beyond most people’s wages.

Smithills Labour Party Chair, Ian Coulthard said, “We have been handing out leaflets today which are postcards that can be sent directly to MPs, urging them to back the renationalisation of the railways and to reform the current extortionate pricing system.

Our rail fares are the most expensive in Europe and have risen much faster than wages in the last five years. We have overcrowded and ageing rolling stock here in Bolton — with many of the current train carriages on Bolton routes having been built at Horwich Loco Works donkeys years ago.”

Smithills Labour is committed to fighting for better public transport for everyone. Find out more at

The Bigger Picture: Focusing on Social Care

Social Care in crisis

adultcare1The REAL contempt for “Ordinary People” is being shown not by striking workers (who, after all, ARE “Ordinary People” ) but by this appalling Conservative Government.

Their attitude to the general populace can be highlighted by their response to the crisis in Social Care. After much pressure from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, both at Prime Minister’s Questions and outside Parliament, in the wider political sphere and from many local Authority Leaders, including Conservatives, Theresa May was finally forced to concede that there was a major problem.

However the Tories response has been, if anything, even more contemptuous. as highlighted below by Deputy Leader of Bolton Council, Cllr Linda Thomas

A six percent increase in Council Tax hammers the “Ordinary People” for whom the Tories cry crocodile tears.  Cllr. Thomas says “Although the latest announcement now acknowledges the crisis that they denied in the autumn statement, the government’s solution is plain wrong because it shifts the burden of their failed austerity policy yet again onto the shoulders of local people. The government is shirking their national responsibility. Local people already pay for adult social care provision through their income tax and existing council tax. If the National Health Service had been cut as extensively as social care in recent years there would have been national outrage.”

Not only are “Ordinary People” being expected to bear the burden, as a result of the cuts even with this funding there will still be a deficit of £1.4 BILLION nationally. Also, the pressure increases on the NHS. As Linda says “Every penny that is not spent on adult social care creates an extra cost to our NHS. Failure to support those who need care in our communities could see more frail and elderly people unnecessarily admitted to hospitals – a choice we know they and their families do not want.”

This crisis is not one of mere statistics across a national balance sheet. We are talking about the sort of care YOUR relatives could be, or already are, receiving. There is a human story behind every statistic. To rub salt in the wound, it is the people apparently so beloved of Ms. May, the “Just About Managing”, who will not only bear the brunt of reductions in Social Care, but will be hit hard in their pockets to pay for this Tory Government’s weak -kneed contemptuous response.

Basically – the Tories couldn’t care less about care.  Only LABOUR will ensure properly funded social care for our families.

20 is Plenty

Full “scheme” ahead – safer streets for Smithills

A New Year Gift From Labour!

20mphThanks to your local LABOUR Council and Local Party the streets of Smithills will be made safer in 2017 with the introduction of 20 mph speed restrictions throughout the vast majority of residential streets in the Ward. Extensive research has shown that such a reduction DOES save lives and help prevent serious injury.

Therefore it’s great news for local residents that Bolton LABOUR Council has agreed to implement this scheme in Smithills this year. Some other smaller parties have attempted to gain credit for this scheme when it is, in fact, a LABOUR Bolton-wide initiative – we’ll be keeping an eye on that for you!

We believe this marvellous scheme will benefit all residents in Smithills. Of course, the zones will need to be enforced and we shall be seeking assurances from the Police via Bolton LABOUR Council that this will be the case. If you have any queries, observations or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact YOUR local Labour Party at

So, ignore any noises from others and, as we start 2017, let’s celebrate the fact that your local area will become a safer place to live and travel thanks to LABOUR.

The Bigger Picture: Focusing on the NHS

  • nhs_logo1The National Health Service is nearing crisis.
  • The Tory government admits that the NHS is now missing every target – targets that were continually met until 2010 under a Labour government.
  • Cuts are being planned across the country.
  • The health service recorded its largest ever deficit last year, at £2.45 Bn.
  • If nothing is done official predictions are that Greater Manchester Health services will have a £2 Bn. deficit by 2020. (Analysis of Health Service spending plans conducted by ‘Incisive Health’ July 2016).
  • The Government have plans to cut a further £22 billion from the NHS.


  • The Chorley A&E closure impacts on services at Bolton, Wigan and Preston.boltonroyal
  • Our local hospital is providing a diminishing range of services – leading to grave difficulties in travelling to other towns for services – especially for people with disability, elderly people etc.
  • Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, at Prime Minister’s Questions, told the prime minister that 40% of mental health trusts had had their budgets cut last year and that six trusts had experienced this for three years in a row.


The Next Labour Government Will:

  • Ensure that there are properly funded services for all and particularly elderly people, people with disability and mental health services.
  • Ensure people would have access to local health services.
  • Bring back control in to the public arena with local accountability and democracy in the NHS returned to local people not Big Business.

The Labour Party

Europe’s biggest political movement and a growing issue for the other parties

lablogoIn the  last  2 years the Labour Party has transformed itself into an ever-growing Social Movement for change. With over 600,000 members nationally, the  Labour membership in the NW region alone now exceeds the entire membership of the Lib-Dem party. Smithills Labour Party now has approximately 400% more members than at the start of 2015 – and, we the members, are active campaigners for the people of Smithills. So, when you see us out on the street, or we knock on your door do say Hello and let us know your thoughts on how we can all make Smithills a better place for everyone. If you’d like to get more involved please contact us –

A Mayor for Greater Manchester

Andy Burnham’s the one

andyb1With the 4th of May 2017 fast  approaching, we’re delighted that Andy Burnham MP will be standing on behalf of the Labour Party. We in Smithills are all part of Greater Manchester  – and that’s why it’s so important that we give Andy our support on the day: In 2016, the North-South divide is wider than at any time since the industrial revolution. Westminster has failed the North of England. It has given us a housing crisis, a creaking transport system and a low-wage economy. Andy will stand up for Greater Manchester and for Smithills and  you can have your say too, through a series of open policy events on young people, housing, transport, health and care, public safety and inclusivity and, finally, industry and economy.  Just visit for details.

Andy says, “Let’s put the values of people here – fairness, decency and solidarity – to the service of the people of this country and show it is possible to give people real answers based on hope not hate.”

Road Improvements

Yes, we ARE still mending them!

roadrepairsDespite Bolton’s huge budget cuts, imposed by the central Tory government, which has led to our roads being in a shocking state, Adrian Road  connecting Bennetts Lane to Halliwell Road is going to be completely resurfaced following intervention by Labour’s 2016 local election candidate, John Gillatt, and the Labour Councillors in neighbouring Crompton ward.

Next we’re going to be pushing for Captain’s Clough Road between Church Road and Moss Bank Way and the Chorley Old Road end of Moorside Avenue to also be resurfaced, following our successful drive for resurfacing work on the residential part of Captain’s Clough Road and Graythwaite Road.